Storage for Campervans – Creative Hacks [2023]

Many people need clarification and often ask about campervan storage ideas because no matter how vast or tiny their space is, they look for solid campervan storage hacks.

As a result, most people attempt to squeeze a lot of things into a tiny area, which is actually great since they save time and money.

However, knowing how to keep products correctly is critical; otherwise, finding what you need in times of emergency will be a hassle. But don’t be worried. We have your back and will share some of our best campervan shelf ideas and storage hacks. It will help you design your own campervan storage solutions based on the type of campervan storage accessories you possess and your exact demands.

Storage For Campervans

It does not matter how big your campervan is. What matters is how you plan your storage. Searching, head-scratching, frustration, all these can be very time-consuming so why not make it easy for yourself and go through our guide for help? Why wait? Follow these tips to enhance storage in your camper.. Storage for campervans


Storage Ideas for Camper Vans

Overhead shelves are ideal for storing your van’s necessities while keeping things orderly.

They may be fitted down the length of your truck to increase storage capacity. This gives enough space for cooking, clothing, personal belongings, and other items. This storage solution for campervans is another nice one for folks with high roofs because overhead shelves take up some headroom.

In addition, there is another small campervan shelf idea. If you need more overhead storage in your vehicle but want to avoid installing shelves or cabinets, guess what? Netting might be the ideal storage option for you! Netting is inexpensive and straightforward to add to your campervan. The ideas for what you may keep in your campervan with nets are nearly limitless, ranging from athletic equipment to clothing, towels, and shoes. In fact, it is one of the most practical storage solutions for VW camper vans.

Another advantage of utilizing netting for storage is that it is temporary. You can always pull it out and use the area if you want. This is a popular campervan storage option in the UK.

Note: Please remember that people still prefer to keep their caravan outside because it is a less expensive choice since it reduces the storage cost and allows secure storage. The sole disadvantage is that there is no protection from adverse weather conditions.

Interior camper storage ideas for vans

People are often dubious about the prices of the storage spaces because the room for items in the van is really restricted. However, you can make the most of a few innovative storage solutions.

Go for the Accurate Size.

Before getting into storage hacks, it’s better to make the right decision from the get-go. So, have you ever wondered why size is essential? Some claim that caravan storage costs vary, and the sizes reflect this. Obviously, the bigger the caravan, the more pricey storage will be, and a giant box requires more space to store and move quickly.

If you want to keep your caravan safely hidden away from the weather, a covered interior camper storage idea, such as a barn or warehouse, may be an option. Though there are boxes for camper van storage that are more expensive, it protects your caravan from adverse weather. It minimizes the danger of it being wrecked or stolen.

Here is What you Should Do:

Make sure to keep your socks or footwear in one spot. Please place them in a plastic jar and store them beneath your seats. It is one of the most simple small and interior camper storage ideas. Another option is to put a handy shoe rack inside your van; you are not required to put shoes in it if you do not like to. It is also an excellent place to keep socks, scarves, gloves, undergarments, blankets, and other folding clothing.

Put wire baskets within doors as well. If you don’t want to use plastic containers, go for them. Wire baskets improve air circulation around the stored things. You may also utilize space-saving hangers inside your wardrobe. You can keep more clothing inside without folding them up, and your campervan storage accessories will be reusable too.

Last but not least, add storage units behind any doors. They are helpful, especially if you need more space to construct a shelf. Hooks should be installed on the inside of cabinet doors. Opt for self-adhesive ones if you don’t have any handy abilities. They are pretty affordable and can be found easily. Look for campervan wall storage and campervan shelf ideas, and you will find plenty of them.

How to Store the Kitchen and Crockery?

Utilizing compact, broad areas is critical to accommodate all of your essentials into compact packaging, and it is highly recommendable. It is easy to store more in otherwise vacant space in your van by constructing thin pull-out shelf units. These shelving units are ideal for storing kitchen basics such as spices, pantry goods, and utensils and are a popular campervan shelf idea.

An intelligent approach to reserve pantry products is to put them on the camper van shelf.

Attach the lids of mason jars to the wall or under a high cabinet. When you need to utilize something in the pot, loosen it from the connected lid and re-screw it when you are done.

Also, cabinets serve numerous functions in most structures, such as not just storing equipment but also offering structural strength and a space to mount appliances like an ice bag or sink. If you want to optimize storage space in your camper van, an essential factor has well-built cabinets. It is a super convenient storage idea for VW camper vans!

However, several other cabinets are commonly seen in camper vans, including substantial kitchen cabinets, overhead cabinets, and pull-out drawers. But to effectively maximize space when creating van cabinets, a high level of planning and experience is required since cabinetry is excessively heavy.

The Pro tip
Check out your local hardware shop and buy both semi-permanent or everlasting hangers. A hanger with a semi-permanent adhesive may be an ideal way to store your brushes, dustpan, torches, jackets, athletic equipment, and other commonly used things. Van walls are sloped, so cabinetry is much more challenging to manufacture and fit than in a square area. The most excellent van builders can work with the van’s uneven design to maximize every possible square inch of room. Please remember that all van cabinets are not made equal, and it is advisable to look for a contractor specializing in cabinetry.

The Trash cans

The over-the-cabinet trash can is one of the most well-known campervan storage accessories. These aluminum waste bins are ideal for picking up trash while camping or traveling. They may also be used as campervan storage boxes for several other goods when not in use. We suggest buying a few and fixing them to as many shelves and cabinets as possible.

The Tables

Lagun desks are excellent campervan storage options for individuals who have a movable bed or want a portable table. You first need to attach a Lagun table to a shelf or wall by inserting the “leg” into a suitable hole in the floor. The “arm” is then joined to your table and linked to the top of the leg, allowing the seats to be removed and turned accordingly.

Many individuals choose side-out tables since they shrink totally and then lock in place, so they don’t roll out when traveling or are not in use. At the same time, folks may store their slideout table beneath their packed bed or on the countertop. Another alternative is to install a slideout table on the rear of the van, allowing you to entertain people outdoors or have morning views.

While fold-down or up tables are a perfect third choice for campervan storage ideas outside the vehicle. If you have a shelf or kitchenette on the doorway side of your van, add this table to the rear of the cabinet and make it the perfect spot to lay shareable food or a beverage while speaking outside or watching anything. Adding a fold-down table to a tiny kitchen cupboard to enhance countertop space is one of our favorite campervan space-saving hacks.

Seat Organizers

Research and buy low-cost storage containers and organizers for the back sides of your front and side seats. These caravan storage pockets or sleeves are ideal for storing goods you need quick access to when traveling, such as your passport, sunglasses, and other basics.

There are pocket shoe organizers for vw t6 campervan clothing storage solutions similar to these to create cheap and practical hanging storage bins for household items, conditioner, soaps, and other essential items. You can even put a camper van shelving unit over a bathroom door to keep your travel amenities within easy reach.

Shoe racks

These shelves are functional since shoes occupy significant storage space and can lead to an unwanted mess. Organizers like this are simple and effective space-saving campervan shelf ideas. Attach a shoe rack to the side of your van’s back seat or the back doors. You may also make other items handier by storing them on shelves.

Attach a strand of bungee cable to the end of a bench seat to prevent shoes and boots off the floor. You save floor space right away, and you never misplace your boots. Some individuals also use bungee cords to hang books, computers, and phones on the campervan wall.

In fact, clothing is a mess. We have a practical solution for clothing storage that works well in keeping garments secure.

Insta Hangers

The insta-hanger is an attractive solution to make more space for clothing. An insta-hanger is a hanger that can be installed inside your RV and lifted to provide immediate hanging space. These handy campervan storage accessories may be purchased online or at local RV accessory stores.

Get your hands on the storage pouches. They are incredible and keep far more than you could fold or cram in a cabinet. It is ideal for maintaining a 5-liter pocket for undergarments and small shirts, a 9-liter pouch for pants, and a 16-liter bag for laundry. And heavy items like trekking coats and sweatshirts can be found under the seat.

Talk about food.

Taking notes with campervan bin ideas is a terrific method to get the most out of your campervan van’s storage. We prefer to use soft-sided storage boxes in vans, primarily for products like food and amenities, because they prevent complex objects from banging against the inside of your cabinets while driving.

Another significant advantage of carefully placing storage bins in your cabinets is keeping some products more compact, allocating counter space, and organizing your campervan.

When stockings and undergarments, as well as odds and ends like tablets and chopping boards, are stored in a bin, they take up significantly less space.

Furthermore, buying a set of airtight plastic boxes rather than a random assortment might help you properly arrange your food and other stuff. Storage well placed may help you place other essentials accordingly.

The Bedding and Furniture.

A fixed bed is a suitable option in a campervan because it provides enough storage space beneath it. The disadvantage is that you usually have to walk outdoors to access it, which might be inconvenient if it’s storming! Some beds rise entirely, allowing access to the below space. Furthermore, the drawers in the front provide access to portions of the area.

A bedslide is also a good option which comes rolling out designed to make items in pickup truck beds more reachable. These bedslides are highly tough and robust, with a considerable weight capacity. A bedslide, like a drawer, allows you to access the goods far from the doors.

A Bedslide can give you the best inner space in your van, whether you need it for gloves, hygiene products, hiking equipment, or mountain bikes. You may pack your stuff in any order you want with the bedslide without thinking about how handy it will ever be, and guess what? With a total weight of a thousand pounds, it would not be easy to find anything near the Bedslide’s limit.

Whereas a permanently fixed table is required for your campervan to be rated as one of the finest for vw t6 campervan storage. But where can you keep these while not in use so they only take up a little space? We have got an idea! A slideout table is a fantastic space-saving storage solution!

Another great idea is to keep your chairs hollow and make a hatch, providing storage space for board games, walking gear, and food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Preparing Beforehand Necessary?

Write a campervan storage idea list and double-check it before placing anything inside your van. This will guarantee that you do not carry unnecessary items that will only take up all the room and be useless. A list also provides peace of mind by ensuring you remember everything necessary.

Lastly, a packing list allows you to consider the pros and drawbacks while limiting any last-minute random items. This way, you would know everything is moving at your own speed and remind you to know where it is kept.

Use the campervan overhead storage, wall storage, or even the van’s exterior if you need additional space. Adding a roof rack or cargo bins to the outside of your van can help you do this. The outside of your van may be used to store fuel tanks, spare tires, additional winter clothes, gear, or any other item that doesn’t fit inside your van.

Where Would the Dirt Go?

One of the most important campervan storage ideas to remember is that you will need to have a space to store your dirty clothes, footwear, and other dirty items. No one likes to put muddy or soaking damp boots in the center during a rainstorm or before driving away. The same holds with dirty laundry. If it doesn’t have a home, it will build up and will have nowhere to go but your floor, van, or tucked-in a random shopper or the headliner.

You may get lighter, thin metal shelves from your local hardware shop to maximize space. Placing more shelves might improve the area and minimize stuff from becoming cluttered while driving or chilling around. In fact, it’s logical that you would want a temporary storage space for everything. You may prefer the flexibility to add or remove storage as your campervan trip allows. The vinyl storage pockets that can be put on the back doors are fantastic, making excellent use of an otherwise lost space.

Finding collapsible versions of items like buckets and bowls is a terrific campervan storage idea, or even thinner plates, slicers, etc. You can also purchase foldable cookware, which allows you to accommodate more in your vans.


No matter your capacity, longer journeys usually indicate that you want to carry more items. Packing effectively is one of the most important aspects of a successful road trip. If you intend to live in your campervan, be sure to read the above advice to get an idea of the best camping storage ideas in the UK or elsewhere. Also, test with various storage options to see which one is best for you!

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