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Plastic Storage Boxes Amazon

You’re here because you want the right storage box. There are tons of storage boxes to choose from and yet there’s no way to figure out which one to buy. But don’t worry! we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 plastic storage boxes on amazon. But that’s not all.

We’ll also tell you which storage box is right for you, according to your needs. Who needs a storage box that’s useless for them? Nobody right?

Before we dive into our list of storage boxes plastic amazon, you need to know a few things.

What Are Plastic Boxes?

This is pretty obvious. Plastic boxes are boxes made up of plastic material to store stuff, be it kitchen utensils, clothing items, first aid kit. Basically, anything that you need to store somewhere, you’ll need plastic storage boxes

But be sure to see the materials before buying your plastic storage box, why? because the last thing you need is a weak plastic box, lets say you store a liquid in your plastic box, and then it leaks.

It could perhaps even be a dangerous kind of liquid , so always be sure to check what materials your plastic storage box is made of ( except ofcourse, plastic).

Are Cartons Better Than Plastic Storage Boxes?

It depends upon your usage, do you want to store dry stuff? perhaps you want to store a bunch of clothes, some furniture , some electrical items , machinery , or maybe car parts.

Then a carton would be a better and cost effective choice. However, if you want to store liquids, screws or anything that needs to be properly taken care of, then my friend, you need plastic storage boxes.

Can plastic containers be recycled?

Unfortunately, you cant recycle plastic storage boxes. However you could choose a storage box that can be recycled , there are tons and tons of options to choose from! for example, you can choose synthetic plastic boxes , or eco-friendly plastic boxes.

What plastic is used for storage boxes?

From food storage, to a bankers box, to heavy duty organizers. Most of these storage boxes are made of polypropylene.

Now you might be thinking ” what the heck is polypropylene?” well, think of it as a synthetic plastic by mixing up some weird chemicals.

Are Plastic Storage Boxes Good?

Ofcourse they’re good! are they serving your purpose? if they are then they’re perfect for you.

What Boxes Are Best For Storage?

All of them are best for storage if you know what you want to store.

Are Plastic Bins Good For Long Term Usage?

What do you mean by “long term”? Do you mean 10 years? then probably not. If you mean 2 to 3 years then sure, you can use them. But i’d recommend that you switch out these plastic bins after every 5-6 months.

Now that we know virtually everything about these plastic storage boxes, lets move on to our list of the best plastic storage boxes on amazon.

1.IRIS USA 12 Qt. Plastic Storage Bin Tote Organizing Container

these are the perfect storage boxes if you want to store liquids, if you’re running a resturaunt you could store vegetables, meat or anything inside these.

Basically, these are very general use plastic storage boxes so you can use them for anything you want. Store screws, nut bolts, metal parts, clothing, first aid kit. It can be anything

They also have grooves on the body for vertical stacking incase you want to pile them up on the shelf.

These plastic storage boxes have a pull handle underneath them to facilitate you when you’re pulling a stack of these boxes from a high shelf. Apart from that they have individual buckle latches on each side which separate the box with the latch hence protecting the contents of the box.

Build Quality

The Build quality is quite good and its great for storing shoes, art supplies, CDs, toys, office supplies, school supplies, legos and many more stuff.

2.Akro-Mils 66486CLDBL 12-Gallon Plastic Storage KeepBox with Attached Lid

This Akro Mils storage box is perfect for long term usage. Priced at $30.

It’s a 12 Gallon, semi- clear plastic storage box in a rectangular shape.


  • Outside 21.5-Inch x 15.25-Inch x 12.5-Inch
  • Inside Top 19.75-Inch x 14.19-Inch x 12-Inch
  • Inside Width Bottom-12-3/4 inch, Inside Length Bottom-17-7/8 inch


It’s a heavy duty plastic storage box made with an industrial-grade plastic material. It also has a textured / rough bottom to provide a no-slip grip.

Usage Of the Storage Box Plastic Amazon

The box is excellent if you want to use it for garage storage, to store toys and sports equipment, fishing, boating or camping supplies, dry pet food or bird feed, holiday decoration, Home storage or Office Storage. It’s a universal heavy duty industrial plastic storage box so you can use it to store almost anything.

More Features

The box has a hinged lid so it’s attached to the box and opened from both sides. That way the lid won’t get lost anywhere.

3.Rubbermaid ActionPacker Lockable Industrial Storage Container

This is the real deal. It’s an industrial grade storage box. And the features will amaze you.

It’s a 35 Gallon Black colored Storage Box For Industrial Use.


  • 35.25 x 20 x 17.25 inches
  • Outside Dimensions 35.250 in. L x 20.000 in. W x 17.250 in. H
  • Inside Dimensions 31.000 in. L x 16.000 in. W x 14.000 in. H
  • 132. 5 Liter Load capacity 110 LBS


Out of all the plastic storage boxes we’ve looked at so far, this one is the most durable one. It’s virtually indestructible. Why? Because it’s made with an impact resistant material which can also withstand high temperatures of upto 100 Degrees.

The Double Walled Lid protects the contents inside and the grooved & Rough Lid repels water and prevents it from pooling on the lid.

The Lockable latches on this plastic storage box enable you to add an extra layer of security to keep the contents safe and for added stability you can also use it with a bungee cord.


The Plastic Storage Box Is Perfect for storing camping supplies, construction tools and truck cargo.

Conclusion: Storage Boxes Plastic Amazon

There you go, in the end it all boils down to your usage. The more harsh your usage the better the storage box you’ll need.

For more plastic storage take a look at our plastic storage boxes.

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