Best Motorhome Storage Ideas to Enhance your Storage

If you are facing difficulties fitting all you require into your camper storage, don’t worry; we have got you covered. We have plenty of simple motorhome storage ideas, camper hacks, tricks, and space-saving ideas to assist you.

Many people wonder how much storage a motorhome has and, more significantly, how much motorhome storage prices vary. There are always trade-offs regarding motorhome selections, and people must consider how vital it is to carry certain items while minimizing overload.

Motorhome Storage Ideas

Always remember that a motorhome’s storage volume is determined by factors other than its size. Two identically sized RVs may have dramatically different helpful storage. It all boils down to how much effort was put into storage while designing the Motorhome. Motorhome storage in many nations, including the United Kingdom, has come a long way in recent years, with many manufacturers putting in a more significant objective to boost space usage.

Designers of motorhomes typically start with the bedrooms, then the toilet, then the kitchenette and living. They not only consider the size of the Motorhome while managing the area, but they also plan around the vehicle’s structural parts, such as the side panels and frame design. However, the inside motorhome storage compartments are designed after the essential elements, like plumbing, gas lines, and electrical wiring, have been installed.

Basic rental motorhomes feature simple internal storage, but higher-end RVs have elegant cabinets with specialized divisions and external storage bins. To minimize unnecessary shaking, the cabinetry is meticulously built and smoothly blends into the dwelling area. A test drive is an excellent approach to detecting vibrations in the housing unit, and this is why motorhome storage accessories are carefully selected for these applications.

Storage containers.

Just be cautious with DIY, whether yours or someone else’s! Any alterations to the exterior, such as installing an exterior hatch, may jeopardize a vehicle’s warranty and/or structural strength. Furthermore, with any metal or GRP body, consider putting bracing around any holes you have made.

Also, before you hurry out and spend on risky and expensive fittings, make sure that simple, cost-effective modifications to your current storage alternatives can be made. Camper storage racks and shelves are great for installations without causing any harm.

Secondly, it is pointless to add additional storage if you are planning to cross your Motorhome’s maximum technically permitted mass. Stay mindful of the max weights allowed on each axle. If you surpass such restrictions and if it is established that extra weight was the cause of an accident, your RV insurance may be worthless.

Some exciting Motorhome Storage Ideas

Overhead lockers are the most prevalent storage item in a motorhome, and you only have to make sure the lockers are readily obtainable and simple to unlock. They should be well-designed with rounded edges and, preferably, feature a shelf to make it simpler to manage and collect your items.

Since most RVs lack drawers for little things like undergarments and t-shirts, motorhome storage boxes can help you manage all these minor items. It is also a good idea to bring essential goods that can be packed or zipped up for storage. Such motorhome storage may be found all across the UK.

The updated new motorhome storage accessories have locker lids that swing at the top, improving visibility and access to the locker. Wardrobes with storage space are typical in homes, but they are inadequate in a motorhome since they occupy a lot of room compared to the number of goods that may be kept. Many RVs lack wardrobes entirely. If you browse through the motorhome storage accessories all across the globe, including the UK, you will discover that most include a half-height closet or motorhome storage racks that are perfect for shirts.

However, wardrobes are generally the ideal choice in layouts with king beds. They are usually situated at the bottom of the bed since the beds are lifted higher off the ground compared to an island bed design.

RV storage Hacks and Ideas

First and foremost, try driving your car to a weigh station near you. It really doesn’t matter if it is laden; you will receive a fast estimate of its load capacity. You can even install a roof box, but you should think about how you will utilize it. Because taller vehicles may necessitate the use of a ladder.

Another option is to purchase a storage box that can be added to a current motorhome rear storage box or racks; however, doing so may restrict carrying bikes. Usually, people mount a cargo box to the rear of their Motorhome; however, this depends on the type of stuff stored in it. You can, in fact, try to shift a few of the heavier objects forward.

Disclaimer: If you are driving your Motorhome with a back cargo box or maybe even a motorcycle on a bike stand, you will need to install a red and white striped alert board.

Besides this, collapsible, flap, or pop-up items are excellent and may be purchased for less than a cup of coffee. Countertop towel racks, foldable or pop-up laundry baskets, clotheshorses, and other similar items are excellent space-saving alternatives for your Motorhome. Additionally, closet organizers and utensil racks are valuable goods that can help you reduce clutter.

If you are loaded with a handful of hooks, you will likely spot space in your vehicle that you need to be aware of. Hanging objects like kitchen appliances and keys from hooks is a great concept to save space in your RV and a functional feature that helps you readily identify stuff. On the other hand, clips or suction cups are great storage pockets for Motorhomes.

Take it a step beyond and get a hanging shoe rack. As far as space-saving ideas are concerned, this one falls within the scope of so simple yet so productive. Hanging shoe shelves are perfect for storing little goods such as household items, medications, and foodstuff.

The Easiest Campervan Storage Hacks

Add a clip of sustainable wood to the front side of the shelves to prevent the plastic bins from slipping out while driving. Leave the shelves 4 to 6 inches short of the closet doors when placing them in, so you can utilize the inside of the door for added storage – a hanging pocket organizer.

Even the space-saving organizer is manufactured with cotton, and wool is ideal for storing everything! Be it razors, fingernails, brushes, cosmetics, sun lotions, sunglasses, and jewelry. Portable dual-sided organizers also effectively use your spare wardrobe hanging area.

Furthermore, secure your refrigerator, freezers, drawers, and closets. It is risky cause while on the road, anything could happen, and the journey might be rough. As a result, you should place locks on all doorways, mainly if certain things may be used to push them out. Put pressure on the wheels. If you are going to keep something big, like water containers or massive equipment, position it on the axles to guarantee proper weight dispersion.

Storage in the Motorhome’s Kitchen.

The degree of space in a motorhome kitchen often depends on the size of the kitchen. The kitchen in a conventional motorhome plan is usually more significant than that in a modernized motorhome. Most motorhome architects prefer the bedroom design above the kitchen space. On the other hand, a permanent bed takes up more room than a standard U-shaped couch. Thus the trade-off is most often made in the kitchenette.

This inevitably results in price differences for RV storage. With a compact kitchen, you must think carefully about how to utilize the space, especially how and what you prepare. Take fewer things but choose items with several purposes, such as a metallic mixing bowl that can be used as a salad bowl and a serving spoon that acts as a salad server, to make the most effective use of your minimal kitchen space.

Some motorhomes include drawers; however, huge drawers like those found in a house kitchen don’t function effectively in motorhomes because they need to work well into the limited space and add unnecessary load to the storage unit.

Custom Attachments

Custom attachments for plates and bowls that fit into your kitchen cabinets maximize remaining space and decrease vibration and noise. Non-slip grip rugs may also assist in holding dishes, pots, and pans in place while preventing rattling. You may even store them in the basement, and it is one of the most fantastic Motorhome basement storage solutions.

Although they may have fewer cupboards, Camper vans frequently include a giant fridge/freezer, providing additional cold storage. Furthermore, the bench space frequently includes innovative space-saving solutions like a fold-out bench extension.

Because the kitchen is frequently the communication area in the camper, there are generally multiple power outlets. If you are traveling with many gadgets, ensure a safe and secure spot to keep and recharge them.

And maintain exterior surfaces as neat as possible by using a fitting cover or washing it on a regular basis. Do not use a wire sheet/awning since they may easily break free and cause additional damage, not just to your campervan but also to those parked around.

Additionally, spice racks are fantastic possibilities. They are not simply for cooking. A layer spice rack in the classic shape is ideal for storing small necessities or cosmetics. Stick it to the toilet wall with Command tapes or even other powerful glue or to the inside of the door with screws.

The Stackable Storage Tubs and Magnets

These items are far more adaptable than you may think. Stackable storage tubs aren’t picky; they will hold anything you can think of, from garments to kids’ toys. Knowing your van’s measurements allows you to make the most of this helpful tip by selecting a tub that is a close fit for a specific interior region. Invest in a storage container to keep stuff together.

Wall-mounted magnet strips are yet another essential accessory for your Motorhome that you may purchase. Magnetic strips are fantastic for storing cutlery in a stable place and allowing you to see where these things are at all times. Magnetic strips make it simple to locate essential products.

Buying ‘nesting’ bowls and measuring spoons is yet another efficient method to spare your storage space. They save you from wasting unnecessary space and are easy to find when grilling or cooking. Nesting bowls are excellent for conserving space; however, they are perfect for keeping items that would not fit elsewhere.

Ways for Optimizing Storage Space.

The extra-long twin single beds at the back that can change to a king and slide down to become a double bed are commonly known as top camping organization ideas, but their cost is very high. It does, however, expand storage. Furthermore, there is considerable storage in the huge wardrobe area at the bottom of the rear beds, near the overhead storage cabinets in the room, and additional shelves on the walls just above the bed.

Soft lock cabinets and cupboards, a substantial under-bench shelf in the kitchen, a vast separate fridge and freezer, additional towels rail in the bathroom, and two under-seat closets in the living with reach from sides and chair bases are all significant areas to enhance storage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Ceiling Important?

The roof of your RV is an essential instrument for safety, but it is past time for it to ramp up. Apply your creativity, and you will realize that the sturdy ceiling has a variety of applications. Use it to attach shelves or even closets – hanging wardrobes are one of the most creative space-saving options available. You may also mount brackets to the ceiling to hang objects like brooms.

What are the Most Important Factors for Relaxation?

The reliability of the mattress is essential, and these will vary depending on the brand of the RV. Go for an excellent mattress with a removable cover that fits on a base that keeps the bed dry and clean. If you or your spouse are taller or going with young teenagers, make sure everyone has enough room to extend out and feel comfy. Check the lighting surrounding the bed. For, it should be customizable for reading and match the bedside.

Picking the right design, size, and bedding for your RV all comes down to ensuring it fits the lifestyle you want to stay in a while on the road. Room optimization options are always essential to look for, but the best decision for you will ultimately rely on your activity and how you live within your RV.

Why is Planning Important?

In most cases, camper storage needs to alter the use of building consent. You must first obtain approval. A local council may limit the number of motorhomes that may be kept, operating hours, site layout, and security suggestions when granting authorization. Site owners must adhere to all the terms linked to the agreement, or permission may be revoked, or legal action may be taken. When starting approval, the best advice is to take small steps and acquire extra licenses for development later.

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Decent storage is not usually the top priority of a buyer’s wish list, but it is among the aspects that distinguish an excellent motorhome from a mediocre one. With the vast storage options offered in many contemporary RVs, you can be as organized as you like because instead of a few large cabinets, modern RVs include multiple little cupboards and areas. Hence, as a result, goods can be stored separately or in small containers or garment organizers, and bulky objects can be placed in the motorhome storage sheds, a vast open place reachable from the outside.

Also, before purchasing a motorhome, set up a list of the goods you want to take traveling and consider which cabinets or storage space they will occupy. This way, there will be no complications, and make sure that the objects you use are easily accessible. After you have set up your new Motorhome, all you will have to do before going on your next trip is pack only a little clothing and stock up on food, then head on to the road. It is as simple as that to make a speedy escape.

Not only this, If, despite these suggestions, your property investment remains limited, you can always rely on a tried-and-tested trick to preserve space: avoid the urge to over-pack. Consider what is truly essential for your getaway. In fact, instead of reading straight from google or other people’s guidebooks, make a productive list. There is no storage technique that is suitable for all campers.

At last, our final advice is to spend some time at the store inspecting the various motorhome layouts and determining how you will engage with the multiple parts of a motorhome. Even a short period of checking out the functioning and how you will stay in the Motorhome can significantly influence your selection.

The ideas in this article will undoubtedly provide insight into the most extraordinary RV/motorhome storage ideas and assist you as you start organizing your campervan.

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