How To Package Clothes For Shipping

How To Package Clothes For Shipping

Packaging clothes for shipping can be a frustrating task if not done the right way, in a best case scenario , your clothes would be delivered unharmed, but in a worse case scenario, everything would be damaged. So in this post we’re going to tell you how to properly package clothes for shipping.

But First, You Need To Figure Out What Type Of Packaging Is Best To Ship Clothes

The best type of packaging to ship clothes is a Poly Mailer bag. A poly mailer bag is the safest and the most reliable solution to shipping clothes.

The downside is that they’re a bit more expensive and you’ll be needing a lot of them if you want to ship clothes in Bulk.

Packaging Clothes In Poly mailers is an easy task , all you have to do is put the clothes in the bag, seal it and then ship them away.

Another type of packaging you can to ship your clothes is cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes are a good solution to ship alot of items

You can’t do the same with poly mailer bags.

When Should You Use Poly Mailer Bags And When Should You Use Cardboard Boxes?

Poly mailer bags are good when you want to ship out smaller items and when there’s less quantity, poly mailer bags are also moisture resistant so they will essentially offer protection from any kind of material that will harm your clothes.

And most all , poly mailer bags are an effective and cheap solution, but not the very best when it comes to shipping items in bulk.

You should use cardboard boxes when you’re shipping out items in bulk, although cardboard boxes are more expensive than using mailer bags but they’re the best when you want to ship your clothes in bulk quantities.

How Do You Package And Send Clothes?

The first thing you should do is to get rid of any kind of creases in your clothes by ironing them, after that you have to fold them and carefully place them horizontally inside your poly mailer bag or cardboard box.

Don’t roll them because that will ruin the ironing of your clothes and they definitely won’t look presentable that way.

When you’re done with that make sure that your clothing items don’t have alot of buttons and embellishments, because if they do, then you’re going to need bubble wrap or a good alternative is to even use newspaper to ensure that your clothes stay in one place and don’t move around too much.

Another way to cover your buttons and embellishments is to use cotton, all you have to do is place cotton on them and then use bubble wrap, then pack them up.

The Best Way To Send Clothes In The Post

  1. Get rid of creases and iron your clothes
  2. Fold your clothes and put them inside a poly mailer bag
  3. Use bubble wrap for extra protection
  4. Put the poly mailer bag inside a cardboard box to ensure safety.

This is the best way to package clothes for shipping, because you’re making sure that the piece of clothing is protected by multiple layers, ensuring that nothing is going to happen to it.

How Do You Wrap Clothes For Shipping?

The best way to wrap clothes for shipping is to first make sure that they are dust free, then iron them to clear out any extra creases.

After that you should fold them up, there are different types of folding techniques for shirts and trousers so you have to learn that first.

Do not roll your clothes, this will make them look unpresentable and most of all, will ruin the look.

Finally, place them in a poly mailer bag or cardboard box.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Send A Box Of Clothes?

Flat rate shipping like the USPS is the cheapest and most reliable way to send a box of clothes.

Is It Cheaper To Ship A Box Or A Bag?

Shipping costs are entirely dependent on the weight of the item, but typically its much cheaper to ship a bag rather than a box.

Because bags are much more lighter than boxes, they can be stuffed with clothing as well, but it’s not the best way to ship clothes.

If you’ve got a lot of items to ship then it’s better to send them in a box.

Conclusion: How To Package Clothes For Shipping

This is the best way to safely package clothes for shipping, without having to worry about your clothes getting harmed or damaged.

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