How Long Can You Store Cardboard Boxes?

How Long Can You Store Cardboard Boxes

storing cardboard boxes can be a nightmare if not done properly, the question of how long you can store cardboard boxes comes when you usually plan to store them away for a long time.

But if not done properly then it could result in the contents of your cardboard box getting ruined or in a worst case scenario , you’ll have to discard everything away.

But worry not, in this guide , we’ll tell you how long you can store cardboard boxes and if storing them away for a long time is a good decision.

So, What Exactly Are Cardboard Boxes Made Up Of?

Cardboard boxes are typically made from the pulp of pine , spruce or Fir trees, first processed into paper then interwoven to create strong cardboard fibers.

So judging by how they’re made, it’s not difficult to determine whether cardboard boxes can survive a long time or not.

That’s because these boxes are stronger than paper, but not strong enough to last five or six years, however it entirely depends upon how well they are kept.

Some cardboard boxes can even last upto 7 or 8 years!

But Is it really worth it to store stuff in cardboard boxes?

If it’s not valuable stuff then you can store your it in cardboard boxes, however, try not to put valuable stuff into your cardboard boxes because they might get wet or worse, get infested by termites or bugs.

Now let me tell you how you can store cardboard boxes effectively for long term usage.

Can You Store Cardboard Boxes In A Garage?

One of the ways to Storing cardboard boxes is the garage. A neat and effective solution to declutter your home, and that is why many people think of storing cardboard boxes this way.

However, what they’re not aware of is that placing cardboard boxes on concrete can decompose them at a faster rate than placing them on any other kind of surface.

So how do you effectively store cardboard boxes in a garage?

To properly store your cardboard box in a garage, the first thing you should do is use styrofoam and place it underneath your cardboard box.

If you’re storing multiple cardboard boxes then make sure that there is some spacing between them to prevent the musty smell. Because garages are already congested and house hardware so they already smell.

Another way to effectively store cardboard boxes in a garage is to use bubble wrap to wrap them up or use a PVC plastic sheet to cover up your boxes.

PVC plastic sheets can prevent water from getting into your cardboard boxes and are a cheap solution to keeping them intact.

Storing Cardboard Boxes For Long Term Might Be Easier Than You Think

That’s right, all you need is some plastic and / or styrofoam to properly insulate your cardboard box so they don’t get wet or infested.

Apart from that, if you don’t have plastic or styrofoam then you can even use duct tape to insulate your cardboard boxes, but make sure that you cover every corner and every gap.

Is It Bad To Store Things In Cardboard Boxes?

As long as you don’t store furniture or wooden stuff in cardboard boxes, everything else can be stored in them.

the best type of stuff to store in cardboard boxes is metal , car parts or plastic items .Avoid storing clothing in cardboard boxes and definitely don’t store paper or important files in them.

In case your box gets infested by bugs then all of your documents will deteriorate, so avoid storing any wooden manufactured item and clothing in your cardboard box.

Can You Store Cardboard Boxes In Attic?

Your attic is home to alot of bugs and especially mice, and storing cardboard boxes in your attic is like inviting those pests to have a good munch.

We get it, sometimes the attic is the only place you can store your cardboard boxes in.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with a tested solution to effectively store cardboard boxes in your attic, while keeping mice and all types of insects away.

But you’re going to need some things before we move on.

Things You’ll need to protect your cardboard boxes in The Attic:

  1. Mouse Sticky Pad
  2. Styrofoam
  3. PVC Plastic Sheet 1.5mm Thick
  4. Bug Spray or pepper mint extract

The first thing you should do is elevate your cardboard by placing it on a block of styrofoam.

Then you need to surround your cardboard box with the sticky mouse pads that you bought, and finally , you need to spray your cardboard box with bug spray.

But be careful not too wet your cardboard box too much.

How To Store Cardboard Boxes In Your Apartment

The best way to store cardboard boxes in your apartment is to keep them above a cupboard and keep them away from water.

And adding a thin sheet of PVC plastic will ensure that your cardboard box is thoroughly protected.

How To Store Cardboard Boxes Outside

You can’t store cardboard boxes effectively when it comes to storing them outside, that’s because there’s no cover available for them.

But that’s not all, they are exposed to bad weather , rain, snow , heat which will eventually deteriorate your cardboard box faster.

No matter how much you try to protect it, storing cardboard boxes outside is a bad decision.

Unless you intend to store trash in them.

How To Store Your Essentials Using Cardboard Boxes?

Don’t. Unless you don’t have any other options, do not store any kind of essentials in cardboard boxes.

Where Can You Buy Thick Cardboard Boxes For Shipping?

Using thick cardboard boxes is a great method to protect the contents. That’s because there’s multiple layers of cardboard to protect the contents.

But it’s difficult to buy thick cardboard boxes sometimes, you can take a look at our store or try your local hardware shop to see if they have thick cardboard boxes.

What Can You Do With Old Cardboard Boxes?

Very good question, you can use old cardboard boxes for pretty much anything, you can use it for painting, or any other productive thing.

I had tons of old cardboard boxes laying around so I tore them apart, taped them together, and guess what? I used them as a car cover.

It’s been 2 years and this trick has worked flawlessly!

Here Are Some Things You Should Take Care Of When Storing Cardboard Boxes For Long Term Usage

1. Don’t Store Clothes In Your CardBoard Boxes

Do not try to store any type of fabric or clothing in your cardboard boxes, especially if they’re wet, clothes and fabric naturally attracted to cardboard boxes so keep clothes away from them.

2. Dump Your Cardboard Boxes Properly

This step is very important, many people wonder how to dump cardboard boxes properly, so here’s the most effective solution:

  1. Take out all of the stuff from your cardboard box.
  2. Flatten It Out And if It’s a small one, then squish it as much as you can.
  3. Throw it inside of your plastic bin.

3. Be Careful Of Bugs

Now you might be wondering “Are there bugs that live in cardboard?”. Well you’re not wrong, because silverfish are common bugs that live inside of spaces where there is low airflow.

And a cardboard box is the greatest example of that, so make sure that you spray your cardboard box with bug spray every now and then.

How Long Does It Take For Cardboard Boxes To Decompose In A Garden?

Cardboard boxes usually wither away faster if they’re kept outside or in a garden, because they’re exposed to moisture, water, and bugs.

So you can expect your cardboard box to decompose in about 6 months if it’s kept in a garden.

Conclusion: How Long Can You Store Cardboard Boxes?

In Short, it depends on where and how you store your cardboard boxes, and whether you take care of them or not.

Placing them in a cool and dry place, away from insects will make it last for years.

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