Dividers For Plastic Storage Boxes | Why You Should Use Them.

dividers for plastic storage boxes

So, why should you use dividers for plastic storage boxes? are they any help? are they worth the money? Well in this article we’re going to answer all of your questions and tell you why exactly you need dividers for your plastic storage boxes.

What Are Dividers For Plastic Storage Boxes?

Think of them as Scales which separate your storage box and divide them into different compartments. Lets say you have a plastic storage container and you’re really not in the mood to buy another one.

So what you can do is you can use a sheet of metal or plastic and insert it into the middle of your plastic storage box and that way you’ve separated your box into two different compartments.

Excuse my bad illustration, but I hope that you now have an idea of how a storage box divider works.

If its a large storage box, you can even use multiple dividers to make more compartments.

How do i install these dividers on my plastic storage box?

That’s pretty easy, these are adjustable dividers and you can easily install them on your storage box by sliding them in. And that’s pretty much it. They’re also removable sliders meaning that you can remove them whenever you want.

You can use these dividers to separate your plastic storage box into compartments and store small screws, spare parts, powdered paint, it could be virtually anything.

Are They Worth Buying?

They are. If you’re not in the mood to buy another plastic storage box. Or if you just want to transform your storage box into an organizer box with dividers-where you could place similar items.

Then I’d say that they are worth purchasing. After all, they only cost a couple of bucks.

Plus you’ll have the liberty to choose how many compartments you want in your storage box.

How Do I Know If I’m Buying The Right Kind Of Divider for my plastic storage box?

Good question, when buying a divider for your plastic storage box, the first thing you should check is the material, is it made of plastic? metal? wood?

Because there are different materials in dividers you’ve got to be careful with them. If you buy a divider thats made with the wrong material then you might go through the following stuff:

  • Leakage between compartments if you’re storing a liquid
  • Avoid using metal dividers because if you use them while camping then they’re going to get really hot
  • loose divider that’s not any use

So to avoid all of the above, make sure that the material for your divider is made of synthetic plastic.

The second thing you should while buying your box divider insert is if its adjustable. Some dividers have a height adjust setting and ofcourse they can be removed as well.

Some plastic boxes come preinstalled with dividers and lids, so if you’re tight on budget you could take a look at those as well.

What Kind Of Boxes Can I Use These Plastic Storage Box Dividers On?

You can use these boxes with any kind of storage box, be it an industrial grade storage box or a storage box for camping, or even a bankers file.

As long as you have a storage box, you can use these dividers, but again, make sure that these dividers are fully adjustable so you can fit them into any kind of box.

What Kind Of Dividers Are there?

  1. The Drawer Dividers
    The first kind of divider is the drawer divider, they’re named the ” drawer divider ” but you can use them in a storage box as well.

    These kind of dividers are best for storing garments such as underwear, socks , beanies, scarves, ties and hats.

    but ofcourse you can use them to store anything.
  2. The second kind of divider is the Card Index Divider. This Kind of divider is made with cardboard. And its best to use it in a bankers file to store records and files.
  3. The third kind of divider is the clear plastic divider. This divider is usually used in plastic storage boxes.

    It’s Used to separate 2 items in a clear plastic storage box.

And there are many other kinds of dividers such as seed dividers, color dividers and many more.

Where Can I Buy Dividers For Plastic Storage Boxes?

You could get a divider from amazon, etsy , ebay , or your local supermarket. But the best place to buy a divider right now is storageboxdirect.

How Do You Make a Divider In Your Storage Box?

If you don’t want to buy a divider for your storage then you could simply make a DIY divider. And it’s pretty easy.

There are 3 solutions to making dividers for your plastic storage box.

  1. Making A Cardboard Divider: This is the easiest one, first you need a piece of cardboard, it could come from an old carton, or a shopping bag.
    Then you need to measure your plastic storage box, for example, lets say that your storage box has a height of 10″ and a length of 10″.
    After measuring your plastic box you need to cut your cardboard with a margin of 0.5″ height and 0.5″ length, and voila! you’ve got yourself a cardboard divider.
  2. Making A Plastic Divider: This one is a bit more troublesome than making a cardboard divider. The first thing you should do is get a piece of plastic and the rest of the process is same as making a cardboard divider.

And that’s pretty much it, thats how you make a DIY divider for your plastic storage box.

What Can I Use As Draw Dividers?

You can use wooden dividers, clear plastic dividers or cardboard dividers. But you have to be a bit more careful when using cardboard dividers. That’s because cardboard is a weak material for a divider and it might not be enough to hold itself in a drawer.

But what you could do is use a little bit of super glue and glue multiple pieces of cardboard together, then they will be strong enough to support themselves and can be used as dividers for your drawers.

But be careful when using cardboard dividers, because the moment you store wet clothes or something wet in your drawers those cardboard dividers will start to give off a bad smell. And will eventually be ruined.

So best solution? Use a wooden divider for a drawer since that’s the most safest way. But if you’re in a hurry and need a quick solution then cardboard dividers can be great as well!


In short, you should get dividers for your plastic storage boxes, if you don’t want to buy them then simply make a DIY divider.

These dividers really help you to organize your stuff in a plastic storage box.

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