Ultimate Guide on Caravan Storage Cost in 2023

caravan storage cost

This is a commonly asked question: how much does an average caravan storage cost, and where can I locate camper storage near me? Let us tell you that the cost of caravan storage differs substantially. Two years back, the average selling price in the United Kingdom was £508.33 per year. This comes out monthly, while most companies need annual payments or usually charge extra for quarterly or month-by-month installments.

Furthermore, the cost of caravan storage in London or anywhere else is determined by various characteristics such as dimensions, locality, safety, etc. However, we have mentioned everything you need to know in the guide below.

Caravan Storage Cost

Caravan storage can be costly if not done right, It’s necessary to consider many aspects before storing your caravan. This ultimate guide will help you tap into every aspect of caravan storage, and we hope after all these tips, you will make a sound decision for your caravan storage.

Say No to Regular Parking

A caravan storage garage is far more secure than regular parking. Some caravan storage facilities, for example, have the most recent surveillance systems that secure your car from robbery and other antisocial activity.

Customers frequently utilize van coverings since the caravans are housed at the backside of a secure place. Van coverings are an excellent method to preserve your caravan’s exterior and windshield. However, you should still examine your window seal for leaks because van coverings can only cover from the outdoors.

Also, not everybody needs specialized camper storage. The fee is determined by the location where the camper will be stored for individuals who require this. Prices in urban regions are much more expensive than in rural areas. Indoor facilities, for example, cost £650 annually in a barn but might cost an extra £100 a month in major cities, and often much more. Occasionally, you can park outside in an open space, which is less expensive than sheltered car parking. Check well about facilities and security at all times.

The Locality

The location appears to be top of the list of considerations affecting the cost of caravan storage. Facilities near highway interchanges are costly since you can connect and be on the highway in a few minutes. Also ideal for inexperienced drivers who prefer not to navigate residential properties or town centers until absolutely necessary.

However, where you are in the state will also have an influence. It is no shock that motorhome storage costs in the UK have the greatest land costs, leading to a high caravan storage cost.

Suburbs have far cheaper rates.

Safety Measures

In addition to your personal security precautions, like installing the finest tire lock for your caravan while it is being kept, the sites often have CCTV, dogs, sirens, and a variety of other security systems in place to guarantee that your caravan stays where you placed it.

Not to mention, while a storage yard may promote specific security standards, you should inspect the facilities in person. CCTV, for example, is very ineffective unless it is actively monitored.

One disadvantage of keeping your caravan is that it may be harder to clean than storing it at home. Some campgrounds, on the other hand, include services to assist you in maintaining your caravan without having to transport it. This may be included in the average caravan storage costs charged for storing your caravan. One thing to consider is whether Cassoa governs the storage facility. This is the Caravan Storage Association. If they are involved, it would include a regular check of their facility, and an insurance inspector would visit and give points depending on their security services. So the more scores they receive, the better the incentive.

What about Towing?

Many provide a towing service to help members get in and out of the storage facility.

This service is offered for £7.00 and involves in-and-out towing. There may be weight limits.

Please remember that you should never pay for a storage capacity without visiting it.

Examine the caravan storage options before making a selection. Choose those who will clean it once a month, will fill it up, and have it prepared for you to go. It is also a simple service and is similar to a valet service, which is extremely rare. Most storage facilities that keep campervans, caravans, and RVs do not provide this service. It is fantastic since it relieves you of stress.

How Much is the Cost of Storing a Caravan?

Caravan storage options start at £35 each week. Search for RV storage or even touring caravan storage costs in London. You will see that the price includes many features, such as safe outdoor storage options ideal for any caravan or camper trailer within a fully walled site.

In fact, if you want to put a caravan shelter on your caravan, you may do so. Long-term and short-term campervan storage options, such as valet parking for your caravan, are available. You no more need to be anxious about moving your caravan into place; professional employees are available to move your caravan carefully into place. You can offer your own trailer lock if you want to add an extra degree of security. A pound a day is the traditional method. This seems to be the standard. However, operational costs have been rising. A year costs £499. Take notes, guys!

The skilled, dependable workers are very helpful in dropping off and picking up your caravan from your residence or specified location for a nominal fee. This option is also great for people visiting interstate or internationally and needing a storage option for their caravan, RV, or camper trailer.

What Storage Options are Available?

People frequently inquire about the expense of caravan storage. Or either if it is too costly for them to pay. Let us make things easy for you. There are always several packages to pick from.

It will cost you £420 per year if you want all-year storage. Many campgrounds in the area allow you to keep your touring vehicle throughout the year.

The caravan storage fees will certainly differ if someone is searching for seasonal storage.

The season would most likely cost approximately £325. These are among the most common caravan storage facilities where you can park your car during the touring season.

Last but not least, The cost of temporary storage starts at £50 a week. You may leave your touring vehicle at a campground with storage space for a few weeks or months.

Maintenance Charges

This differs significantly depending on the condition and maintenance record of your car. An average annual budget of £350 to £650 can be set up for this purpose. In some years, the bill may be slightly greater than in others. Variations among significant and minor maintenance frequently cause these distinctions.

This is a critical expenditure for keeping your motorhome. You should obtain service and a safety inspection if your insurance requires it. It is advisable to perform it on particular mileage points yearly to keep track of things. At the same time, winter is an excellent season to do all this.

A caravan is your second home, so safeguard it just like you would your home. Covering is essential to guarantee your caravan is insured against physical hazards, water, theft, etc. In addition to the risk of getting hurt from a mishap and insurance claims, losses might be caused due to environmental disasters like storms and floods, along with other hazards such as attempted robbery, explosion, and theft of your van. Caravan insurance will provide you with security and peace of mind.

Many places provide extra amenities. For example, they may provide a location where you may wash your caravan using city water. In comparison, other storage facilities may even include a platformed space where you can turn your caravan to wash the top. The amenities mentioned earlier would also come in handy when cleaning an RV.

Any Safety Measures?

Make sure there is enough distance between the caravans so the fire doesn’t leap from one to the next. However, it does not seem that this restriction applies to storage yards. Because the caravans/motorhomes are most often not in use, the fire danger is decreased. However, fires can still occur, so while visiting a possible storage yard, look at how close together the caravans and motorhomes are parked. Anything under 2m should be disregarded. Not only will there be a greater chance of fire or explosion between vans, but it will also be more difficult to park and exit the site with your camper or motorhome.

Another thing you may do to save revenue and lower your expenditures is to raise the surplus.

Your contribution will decrease as you take more chances with a bigger excess. So minor claims that require the very same money to process are not covered. You will be awarded no-claims benefits if you drive safely and avoid filing a claim. You will not only lower the likelihood of accident claims, but you will also get something out of your excursions.

Suppose someone has a no-claims discount with their present carrier. In that case, they normally get a discount depending on prior towing history, even if they haven’t had a cover. Protection and security gadgets are also discounted.

As mentioned earlier, there are discounts for installing security and/or safety measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Motorhome Storage Costs in the UK Comparatively More Expensive than in Other Countries?

People spend roughly £250 for winter motorhome storage and £400-500 for all-year storage, which averages about £1-1.50 daily. Motorhome storage cost in London is often more expensive, as is indoor storage. Most companies will charge annually, while several provide seasonal or six-month storage.

In fact, you can also spend a monthly rate for your motorhome, which enables you to pay taxes once a quarter and, therefore, can roam all year.

The sum of the tax is determined by the curb weight of your motorhome and the region in which you live. An average camper with a dead weight of 2900-3000 kg may save around £900 and £1000 annually for the tax charges. Other than that, to figure out how much tax you owe, you can visit the tax authorities’ website yourself.

Check the current price of a comparable older RV to get an idea of the degree of depreciation.

Then, you will have a general idea of what to plan. Thankfully, there is now a thriving market and a limited supply, making the devaluation quite advantageous. It is not a recurring expense you pay yearly, but it will lower the amount you receive when you sell the vehicle.

The Bottom Line:

Even with all of the assistance mentioned above, it is still highly recommended that you seek information, read reviews, and plan. Conduct as much inquiry as possible. Visit the owner-operator if possible. You will likely be in long-term contact with them, and they are getting in the way of your getaway. Therefore you want to ensure they are agreeable, that you are able to collaborate with them, and that if something goes wrong, which it may, you trust them that they will work for your benefit and assist you in figuring it out.

You will be able to see the facilities once you have partnered up as a client. And it’s possible they will let you view them all to reassure you that they are examining you as much as you are evaluating them. Because when folks are quite worried and concerned, the staff invites them in to catch a glimpse. And they have legitimate complaints that they would want to address.

So go speak with the storage owner. Do your analysis, and then ensure you are ready to pay them. And feel free to ask any queries you have. There is no such thing as a silly question, as you usually say. You should always approach them, so ensure you do. It is only the inquiries you don’t ask that matter.

And make sure to remember and consider all of the aforementioned criteria when calculating the cost of storing your caravan or motorhome.

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