Can Plastic Storage Boxes Be Recycled?

can plastic storage boxes be recycled?

Can plastic storage boxes be recycled? Can plastic storage bins be recycled? these are some of the questions you have when you’re concerned about the environment. You’re looking for ways to recycle your plastic storage box. But, can plastic storage boxes be recycled effectively? Yes they can!

Recycling plastic storage boxes is our duty as citizens of the earth, we know how pollution has increased since the past two decades and if not controlled immediately, can have dire consequences on our environment.

You’re here because you want to fulfill your responsibility to recycle your used plastic storage boxes, and we’re here to guide you how to do it the proper way.

but first, take a look at this graph.


This graph tells us the growth of plastic pollution till 2040, as we can see above, it is expected that if not recycled, more than 1.3 Billion Tonnes of Plastic will be dumped into the ocean till 2040.

And as more plastic is thrown into the ocean, it will effect the water and as a result of that effect the marine life, and that will obviously affect our lives as well.

So we need to take responsibility into our own hands and start recycling plastic the right way.

Where Can I Recycle Plastic Packaging Near Me?

Good question, there are many places in the UK that recycle plastic packaging on an industrial level. If you live in london, where there’s more influx of plastic pollution, you can visit or hire any of these companies to recycle your plastic packaging.

These are some of the many plastic recycling companies in London that offer to recycle your plastic packaging and waste.

How To Dispose Of Plastic Storage Containers?

Don’t burn them, don’t do anything to them , let the recycling companies handle the process. So an easy way to dispose of plastic storage containers is to simply throw them in your rubbish bins.

This is one of the ways to recycle plastic storage boxes, all you have to do is throw them away in your regular rubbish bins and let the waste handlers do their job.

What Plastic Can Actually Be Recycled?

All types of plastic boxes and materials can be recycled. You might also be wondering what type of plastic is safe for food storage.

Because there’s different types of plastic compounds that are used to manufacture plastic boxes, we don’t really know the exact process.

But what we do know is that all types of Plastic materials can be recycled, and that includes PET, LDPE, HDPE and PP.

These are the plastic compounds used to manufacture plastic boxes, from plastic boxes, to milk bottles, to juice containers.

And all of these are 100% recyclable.

Use them as toothbrush containers, to store stationary, but more on that later.

How Much Plastic Can Actually Be Recycled?

It depends entirely upon how much plastic there is. And also on what you really want and how you intend to recycle/ reuse your plastic.

What To Do With Old Storage Bins?

there are many ways to make use of old storage bins, and discarding them away would be a very stupid thing to do.

The first thing you can actually do with old storage bins is convert them into a miniature version of Outside plastic storage boxes, or keter storage. This is one of the best ways to recycle your plastic storage box, you can then store spare parts or gardening tools in it.

The second thing that you can do is to donate your old storage bin to a welfare organization, they will certainly make good use of it.

Another thing you can do is to simply tear your old storage bin apart, and use it for future use , but this option is only for people who like to work on projects and DIY stuff.

The last thing you can do with your old storage bin is to just keep it as a spare bin, what if your existing storage bin leaks or breaks apart? Atleast you’ll have a backup for it.

Where To Donate Plastic Storage Bins?

There are many places to donate your old plastic storage bins, but the easiest way is to just give it to someone that needs them.

Your neighbor might need a plastic storage bin, you can give it to them, or simply just give it to a welfare organization or a plastic recycling company, they’ll surely make good use of it

They Can recycle everything, including recycling plastic storage boxes with lids.

What Can Be Made Out Of Recycled Plastic?

There are many things that can be made out of recycled plastic , let’s go through all of them.

  1. Plastic Water Bottle Sprinkler : This is a very innovative method to recycle plastic, all you have to do is poke a bunch of holes in your plastic soda bottle and connect a gardening hose to it. Then see the magic! this is perfect if you have a backyard with plants and grass.
  2. Stationary Holder: Watch a youtube tutorial on how to convert a used plastic box or bottle into a stationary holder, and it’ll pay off immensely.
  3. A Piggy Bank : If you’ve got a spare plastic bottle laying around you can convert into a piggy bank, just make a coin slot and use it as a piggybank to store your savings

And there are many more ways to recycle plastic.

Conclusion: Can Plastic Storage Boxes Be Recycled?

It’s not a matter of if plastic storage boxes can be recycled, it’s a matter of how effectively they should be recycled.

Because as the use of plastic is growing, there’s a massive rise in pollution as well and it needs to be contained as soon as possible, otherwise it can have a very negative impact on our environment.

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