Can A Rat Chew Through A Plastic Storage Box?

Rats are undoubtedly the scariest form of rodents that can chew through plastic storage boxes, they have been around since centuries and are known to cause a lot of problems with storage. So, can a rat chew through a plastic storage box? in short, yes they can. And it’s much easier for them than you think!

Rats are the worst form of rodents, they can very easily contaminate plastic storage containers, and sometimes you wouldn’t even realize the damage they’re doing!

But first , let’s see where rats actually come from

The most common place for rats to creep up on your storage box are cracks, water pipes and a poorly built kitchen or storage unit.

The interesting thing is that even if there’s a hole the size of a coin, they can still get through it and contaminate your storage unit!

Rats can easily access your plastic storage box if its anywhere near weak concrete, weak glass, still water, or if it has something very sweet, they are very attracted to sweet stuff.

So How Do You Protect Your Plastic Storage Box From Rats?

Protecting your box is where the real work comes, the first thing you need to do is to check your storage unit for any kind of cracks or places where you think rats can enter from.

if you see any kind of cracks , fill them up with wire mesh and then plaster or cement them. If you don’t use wire mesh then rats can simply chew through the plaster, that’s how strong their teeth are.

Check your water pipes to see if there are any rats in them , if there are then you need to lure them out of the water pipes using food bait so they don’t contaminate the water.

To truly protect your storage box, make sure that it’s airtight, you don’t want the rats to smell food because ultimately that’s what lures them in.

You should also consider buying a thick plastic storage box because rats can easily chew through thin boxes.

How Fast Can Mice Chew Through Plastic?

Mice can chew through plastic very fast, infact, it will only take them a few minutes to chew through, so make sure that you use a thick plastic box.

How To Stop Rats From Chewing Through Plastic

There are a number of ways to stop rats from getting anywhere near your plastic storage box.

  1. Get a Cat or Dog: mice consider them as predators and wherever cats and dogs exist mice simply don’t go near that place.
  2. Use Essential Oils: soak cotton balls in peppermint or clove oil and place the balls near your plastic storage box, this will keep your mice away but note that it’s only a temporary solution.
  3. Place Wire Mesh: cover your plastic storage box with steel wool or wire mesh, this will keep the rats away because they find it unpleasant to chew through those things.
  4. Use a wire mesh and Duct Tape: First place wire mesh on the bottom of your plastic storage box then secure it in place by using duct tape.
  5. Use Bait: We all know how much rats love food, and cheese in particular , so you could make a trap as well.
  6. Use Sticky Pad: Place sticky pads 2-3 feet away from your plastic storage box, or at the door entrance if it’s a storage facility.

Wrap Up : Can A Rat Chew Through A Plastic Storage Box?

Yes! rats can definitely chew through plastic storage boxes so make sure that you use an airtight plastic storage box and use a thicker box.

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