160 Litre Storage Box – An Ultimate Storage Solution?

It all starts with storing. Storing what? Memories, and valuables that are just too important to get rid of. But alas such souvenirs do not always go with your regular stuff. Enters 160 Litre Storage Box. you can stack up your valuables inside this amazing storage box and fit it anywhere with a maximum number of items inside.

As the name shows the storage box has a capacity of storing as many items as 160 litres. It is not only a huge capacity but with the storage design, 160 litre storage box seems like an ideal choice for storing your valuables or extra stuff lying around your house. But the benefits aren’t limited to just the immense storage capacity, there’s more!

Nitty Gritty of a 160 Litre Storage Box:

Storage is something that we all want but getting the biggest box ever is not always the answer. I mean, where will you store your big storage box? However, 160 litre storage box is definitely the sweet spot in storage boxes for best space saving and storage at the same time. Why? let’s find out the details.


For an organization-freak 160L storage box will be the best friend you need. It is not only smaller than a 160 Litre Storage Box but also great for sorting out items so that you can place them in multiple storage boxes.

They offer space management efficiency which can never be achieved without compartmentalizing items.

Storage boxes on wheels with handles go as far as making travelling easier with them. You can move a large 160 litre storage box with wheels in moments of time using wheels and handles making the entire process hassle-free. In case you work at a warehouse and want to keep your products safe over time, this is the way. You just seal them inside a 160l storage box and shut off the door to the warehouse for years.

Usually made up of plastic you can even clean them conveniently time and again without even getting a scratch on them. Just a damp cloth and a few minutes out of your busy schedule and your 160l garden storage box will be as good as new!

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You need to know the types before you can actually dive into reaping the benefits of this resourceful product. Just know this: you have a thousand choices in brands, colours, sizes, materials, and whatnot.

But if you really want to categorize your choices, there are three group types:

Based on size

There are tons of sizes up for grabs. The size range typically starts at 15 litres and goes on to be as big as 160 litres. As we are only talking about 160 Litre Storage Box here we will only consider the design and features of a 160l garden storage box.

Based on Style

160l storage boxes come in all kinds of shapes, designs, and materials. Some of the most common designs are:

  • Collapsible Storage Boxes

Let’s be honest! Your valuables aren’t just going to remain in storage forever. At some point, you might want to adjust them in your setting. Or simply if you are delivering goods to the supermarket you will have to take back a ton of empty plastic storage crates. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just fold the empty extra-long plastic storage boxes?

That would not only be a space saver but help make room in your storage for bigger items. So you must buy Collapsible Storage Boxes that work as wonderful 160 litre plastic storage boxes when required and shrink in half size when folded

  • Shallow Storage Boxes

These boxes are used when you do not have high inner capacity priority. Shallow storage boxes have lower depth and are great for storing items that have a low thickness, for example, frames, notebooks, important papers, and so on.

  • Attic Storage Boxes

As the name shows Attic Storage Boxes are used for storing stuff inside the house preferably in the attic. These are anti-break and usually made up of thick plastic boards with handles to properly seal the items inside.

This property and composition material keeps the stored items safe and sound for long periods of time.

  • Storage Boxes On Wheels

160 litre storage box with wheels is great when you want to make the movement of your heavy boxes convenient. You can not just drag on the ground and make a mountain out of a molehill when you can actually roll with a large storage box with wheels on the wheels.

Storage boxes on wheels with handles are a dream come true. Not only can you move them easily but have a firm grip on the object with the help of the handle.

Based on Lid

Some storage boxes are with lids while others do not have lids. It totally depends upon what you are going to store in the boxes and where you are going to store them. There are storage boxes that hold fruit or vegetable in supermarkets. They are also used for transporting these fresh goods. To keep them fresh lidless storage boxes work best.

Similarly, if you are piling old stuff in your store room you need storage boxes with lids.

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What are the dimensions of a 160l garden storage box?

The dimensions of a 160l garden storage box vary from brand to brand. You can always find them in the information manual.

What is the standard size for a storage box?

3 cubic feet is considered the standard size for a storage box. Other than this the range is between 15l to 80+l.

How big is a 160l storage box?

You can hold 160 litres of liquid in this size of storage box.

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Bottom Line

It is easy to find a storage box that matches your needs if you in fact know what you are looking for. A 160l garden storage box is ideally great as it offers maximum space. You can even have a lidless 160 litre box if you want your items to remain fresh and airy. You can have the storage box with wheels, or without wheels, made of cardboard or plastic, with a lid or without a lid. But one thing is certain: your storage worries will be behind you.

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